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2007 - 2009

String Wrapped









String Wrapped raises questions about people, objects and identity: how do we consider objects once they no longer function in the way they were intended to? Their transformation raises questions about the value and meaning we attach to these objects, the part they might play in defining our own identity and also their use, value, impact and role in our lives, across different cultures, in the past, present and future.

A series of small string wrapped objects contained in acrylic boxes, each box containing objects relating to a particular person’s identity, both connects and separates them. Many of the objects contain traces and memories of their past owners.

As the viewer walks through the works they move from the carefully wrapped boxed objects in a gallery setting to works that interact with the building and the space, having both the possibility yet improbability of functioning.  The light switch and fire extinguisher look like others in the building, whilst the rope ladder and mop remain close to their original materials, yet have been transformed into art objects.

The wrapped Singer sewing machine draws attention to the form of this iconic object that so many of us keep for its aesthetic qualities or sentimental associations, despite no longer using it. The meticulous wrapping silences, memorialises and commemorates it.

String Wrapped (Chess Game) suggests an absence of rules and competition, the possibility yet improbability of a meaningful game; but it also preserves the memory of a real match played in a tense political climate.

These works reference not only the work of female artists in the 1970s, such as Eva Hesse, but also connect to works by contemporary artists such as Rachel Whiteread, Cornelia Parker and Tara Donovan.

This series of ongoing works was originally exhibited at the OCVC Degree Show 2007 (First Class Honours) and has since been exhibited in the OCVC Foyer and Banbury Museum Graduate Art & Design Show 2007. I also wrapped the door handle of the Museum for this show. The string wrapped boxes were exhibited at AAF in London (Oct 2007). Singer 13693’116 was short listed for an award at ART2 (Banbury Museum  & Mill Arts Centre, Nov-Dec 2007). In his presentation speech, local MP, Tony Baldry, described it as “a phenomenal piece of work”. A new work, String Wrapped (Chess Game) was recently at Modern Art Oxford Jan-Feb 2008.