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hyphæ drawing collective / Letting it settle - a meandering line cuts between the words, like a path or trace. Ten names appear in the lower left and the exhibition title, Letting it Settle, to the right of the line.

Letting it settle – hyphæ drawing collective

Letting it settle is an exhibition of new work by hyphæ drawing collective, a group of ten artists who came together through drawing. These works…

Ruth Broadbent Drawing Activity for Prespa 2021 Image and Text

Walking a Line: Encounters Through Drawing (Prespa 2021): UPCOMING EVENT

Register for my free online drawing activity, Walking a Line: Encounters Through Drawing, and find other talks and events during the WAC…

Catching Sunlight in glass sphere


For the past year, I’ve been involved with a group of walking artists, creating artwork for the Ground Works exhibition, Place Time Material,…

Drawing Trees Canopy

Drawing Trees for Urban Tree Festival 2021

I have created two activities for the Urban Tree Festival this year, a video, Zooming In: Drawing Bark, and a workshop, Drawing Trees: An…

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