Imagined Lines (drawings)

2011 -

Imagined Lines (drawings)

These pen on paper drawings led to a series of works, Imagined Lines, exploring our instinctive readings of abstract line.

“Doodling on a train journey to London, I became so engrossed that I cancelled plans for the day until it was finished, moving from cafe to cafe. This triggered a process of repetition leading to a wider investigation into the extension of line in drawing, from imagined lines to tracks and lines in the landscape, evolving into several series of scribble-like drawings. I am interested in how the introduction of a ‘horizon’ line affects our interpretation of an image whether semiotic, linguistic or cultural. This can also change depending on the format, landscape or portrait, and when extended over a series of interconnected drawings. Eventually the lines jump off the page into a ‘drawing sculpture’ in copper wire.”

Some of these works from Imagined Lines were exhibited at The Language of Line (2017). A thread and wire drawing, created some years previously, has retrospectively been grouped into this series of Imagined Lines.

Imagined Lines

A series of works from pen on paper drawings to three-dimensional works in copper wire, and thread and wire, are united by a process of repetition and an exploration ofour instinctive readings of abstract line. Together they form a series of works, Imagined Lines.

A fascination with imagined lines can also be seen in works such as Groundlines, journeys created following tracks and lines in the landscape.